Silver Soft Maple Serving Board: Rare

This unique and one of a kind board contains some of the most brilliant and fantastic colouring we have seen in a wood piece.  A 100% natural combination of red, orange, brown and black spalting lines creates a mesmerizing finish that everyone can't take their eyes off of... a true rare find.  With the rare colouring, and not wanting to disturb Mother Natures handiwork, all small natural cracks and holes in this piece were left as is, without epoxy resin. 

The measurements are correct, the solid piece is an amazing 4 inches thick, and would stand out above the crowd as an amazing centrepiece. Literally salvaged from the ground next to an outdoor sawmill, this amazing piece was stumbled upon under a coating of sawdust, and brought back to life in the JLS Lab.  Finished with food safe 'Walrus Oil': Cutting Board Oil & Board Wax

21 x 16 x 4

* Made with 100% Local Ontario Grown and Salvaged Wood. Wash before use. Do not submerse in water, not dishwasher safe. Hand wipe with damp cloth and mild soap and dry quickly. As this is a natural wood product and a natural food safe wood finish, wood may fade, crack, split or chip. To bring back the lustre of a faded board, use Walrus Oil products, or, a food grade mineral oil that is readily available at any local pharmacy. For any questons or further details, please contact JL Sons directly.

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