Pallet Skid Design Serving Board

The ultimate repurpose and design. Made to look rustic and rough, as a real pallet or skid, this food serving board is made entirely of 'waste' wood and rescued off a firewood pile. What better way to carry a beautiful tray of food, than a board designed to lift and carry.  The Black Walnut frame supports some beautiful ambrosia soft maple slats. 

17 X 15 X 2 inches

* Made with 100% Local Ontario Grown and Salvaged Wood. Wash before use. Do not submerse in water, not dishwasher safe. Hand wipe with damp cloth and mild soap and dry quickly. As this is a natural wood product and a natural food safe wood finish, wood may fade, crack, split or chip. To bring back the lustre of a faded board, use Walrus Oil products, or, a food grade mineral oil that is readily available at any local pharmacy. For any questons or further details, please contact JL Sons directly.