Cherry Serving Board: Unique: Bark On: 8 Foot Long Oval: Four Natural Live Edge Sides

Stunning Ontario Cherry wood - One solid piece with bark still on. 

This 8 foot long piece is one of the only ones of its size that I have ever seen in this industry.  What makes this piece rare, is that all 4 sides are live natural edge.  No cuts, no cracks, no chips.   As unique and awesome a piece as I have found.

I work closely with local farmers and mill operators to create this piece.  A large cherry tree fell next to a farm house, the wood was taken to a local mill and with a special saw mill jig we were able to create a select few of this amazing large 4 side live edge masterpieces. 

These food safe wood slabs will look remarkable across any table or countertop.  Its a table all to its own.  Photo never do this justice, as beautiful a natural piece as I've ever encountered. 

Although keeping bark on is a an extremely labour intensive process, much more than removing it, we sometimes come across pieces that are ideal for keeping the bark on.  The look, the natural rawness of the wood... makes it all worth it in the end. Some clients like it, some clients LOVE it.  Its a matter of choice and style, 

This beautiful board came from a tree that was cut down in the winter.  Sometime when that occur, the bark of the trees stays strongly attached to the log longer.  Most of the times during the milling and sanding process the bark will come of a board. In the rare circumstances that it stays in tact, JLSWD will take the extra steps, and hand finish the bark with 3 coats of a special food safe oil.  After 2 years of testing, we find that this  process hardens and strengthens the bark, and gives it a beautiful shine and look. 

Despite our best efforts, the bark may and eventually over the years will, break apart, chip or fall off.  We recommend handling these boards with care, and to hold and carry the boards by the wood (not by the bark). We feel the extra work involved in the finishing process, and the stunning look of the board on the end, is worth the effort in the end.   

Finished with food safe 'Walrus Oil': Cutting Board Oil & Board Wax

 ** With a 7/8" to 1" thickness, the board is solid, but still lightweight enough to be carried by one person. 

96 X 18 X 1 inches

* Made with 100% Local Ontario Grown and Salvaged Wood. Wash before use. Do not submerse in water, not dishwasher safe. Hand wipe with damp cloth and mild soap and dry quickly. As this is a natural wood product and a natural food safe wood finish, wood may fade, crack, split or chip. To bring back the lustre of a faded board, use Walrus Oil products, or, a food grade mineral oil that is readily available at any local pharmacy. For any questons or further details, please contact JL Sons directly.