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ChakraCuterie: Love & Harmony: Walnut: Deep Blue Epoxy Artwork

Welcome to ‘ChakraCuterie’! An original creation of Toronto / Vaughan Artisan, Emilio Leonardis of JL Sons Wood Designs.

Chakracuterie is a combination of original hand drawn spiritual themed artwork, with authentic healing crystals embedded into our unique line of food safe charcuterie serving boards. Made with local hand-salvaged wood, one side features an original work of ‘Spiritual’ art, while the other a natural design by Mother Nature. ChakraCuterie is a ‘first of its kind’ design; built upon a foundation of sharing Love, Wellness, Growth & Spirituality.


Made with:

Ontario Walnut wood

Food Safe finish with Oil and Wax with Walrus Oil and Claphams. 

Spiritual artwork engraved into the wood, and filled with baby blue epoxy resin - engraved with “Love and Harmony” 

19” x 8” x 1”