Sugar Maple: Coffee : Side Table Top: Unique with Maple Sap Harvesting Marks

One-of-a-kind design perfectly in combination by natural maple syrup / sap harvesting and mother nature.  This table top slab is unique as it shows off the years of harvesting marks, and how the tree regenerated itself over the years to over up the holes.  The grains mixed with the tap marks has created one of the most unique looks in a table that I have ever seen.  We have 3 pieces, this is the first we were able to finish.  First come, first serve. 

Although we have several different table leg options, that table top on its own is the piece to sell.  We hope the person buying the table top can match legs to match the look in their home and business. 

The natural crack in the wood adds ambiance and a natural look that cannot be beat.  A Walnut wood "bow tie" was installed to keep the crack in check.  It does however add a beautiful look and ambiance that is hard to match.  The ultimate salvage piece, natural, stunning and one of our favourites. 

Smooth top makes for a perfect side or couch table to compliment any seating area.  The punch of different colours is a perfect conversation piece, and brings new life to any décor. 

Hand finished with a Satin Polyurethane Sealer. 

20" diameter X 2.5 inches thick

* Made with 100% Local Ontario Grown and Salvaged Wood. Wash before use. Do not submerse in water, not dishwasher safe. Hand wipe with damp cloth and mild soap and dry quickly. As this is a natural wood product and a natural food safe wood finish, wood may fade, crack, split or chip. To bring back the lustre of a faded board, use Walrus Oil products, or, a food grade mineral oil that is readily available at any local pharmacy. For any questons or further details, please contact JL Sons directly.